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Domestic Help

We all long for someone who would lend a helping hand in our day-to-day chores and at the same time be reliable, trustworthy and efficient. Myhelp makes it possible at your doorstep. You can avail of our services from the comfort of your home just by a single touch on your smartphone.

Basic chores like home cleaning, washing utensils & clothes and running errands are a few examples of the work they are ready to take on. No more worries about irregular timings or being absent without notice, or not being familiar with domestic appliances.

Cooking and Housekeeping

Our trained cooks are confident when it comes to managing the kitchen. Not only can they cook meals according to your preference and taste buds but they also know how to handle various kitchen equipment and gadgets. Every My help representative is willing to put in the extra effort so that you get to eat your favourite meals every day.

Chores like cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, ironing and shopping for groceries are a few among the services that this segment covers. No more having to gulp down a dish that doesn’t suit one’s taste buds or health.

Child Care

Children are the epitome of innocence, purity and love. They need special care which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our personnel are skilled in the supervision and providing age-appropriate care of children including infants. They are organized and efficient in carrying out various tasks like feeding your child, daily care, sanitation, playing with them and keeping them occupied. No more worrying about your child when you are not around.

Elderly Care

To make an elderly person happy is the noblest act a young person can ever do! Every member in this category is specially trained in constantly monitoring, looking after and always attending to the elderly with the utmost care, affection, respect compassion. No more worrying or tension about elderly parents because MyHelp promises to look after them as one of our own.

My Manager

This serves as your personal caregiver cum concierge service with round-the-clock availability whom you can hire for a few hours every week. My Manager will constantly monitor, look after and attend your homes to tackle emergencies or any other regular need like a health check-up, running errands, daily shopping or even giving company. Be ready to welcome convenience by hiring professional help with the personalized care

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