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Myhelp is a tech-based platform that is created with the aim of providing urban households to hire skilled, reliable and trustworthy help at home while generating fair and dignified employment opportunities for home-based caregivers.

Myhelp provides professional Domestic Services right at your doorstep. In other words, you can say Myhelp is that trustworthy, reliable companion you have been looking for to take care of your home while you are busy with other demands in your life!

What We Do

Myhelp improves the employability and earning potential of home-based caregivers by training them on relevant skills (both technical and soft skills) and by undertaking authentic and stringent background verification too. Post-training, Myhelp connects them with verified households while remaining accountable to both parties during the entire period of service. In the evolving market needs of caregivers in urban families, Myhelp promises to stay professional at work and compassionate at heart.

Background Story

It all started a decade back in Assam with ‘Maitri’, an organization founded to create a considerable number of dignified livelihoods for women coming from the informal sector. Over the last ten years, Maitri has empowered more than 6000 women through training, institutional support and employment linkages. Maitri has been conferred with National Level awards and recognition twice for its outstanding work in this field.

People behind

Gitali Thakur is a social entrepreneur and founder of Maitri social Enterprise Group which works towards generating a large number of decent jobs for people in the informal sector.

Maitri is the first and only organization in its operational area to introduce skill training for home based caregivers.  Under her leadership in the last 11 years, Maitri has trained and placed over 6000 women to work as professional caregivers .  During this period, Maitri has also been conferred national level recognition twice for its breakthrough work in this  sector.  Building on her experience of 11 years, Gitali has created the digital platform Myhelp to take the work of Maitri to high scale and impact.

Prior to founding Maitri,  Gitali has worked in livelihood promotion and microfinance with premier institutions in India such as BASIX, FWWB and MicroSave. She has consulted on several projects with organizations like SEWA, TATA Trust, FabIndia, DASTKAR Andhra, BASIX and NABARD to name a few. She also  has a few published paper on livelihood issues including a Resource Book on Livelihood Promotion.

Gitali is an Economics Graduate from Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam and has completed a one year certificate course on “Special Management Programme” from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Gitali was also a speaker at the India Today Youth Rock Summit held in Guwahati in 2017

The Genesis of Maitri and Myhelp

Domestic workers are vulnerable to socio-economic exploitation because they are unorganized, poorly skilled and lack the bargaining power to get fair wages and dignity in society. At the same time, millions of employers find it difficult to get skilled, reliable, trustworthy domestic workers.

The core solution lies in improving the employability and earning potential of these people by training them on technical skills, behavioural skills, giving labour benefits and providing them with permanent organizational support. Once a personnel comes into contact with Myhelp, she is provided with initial and refresher training, employed with a verified household and provided with options to move to other employers/ job roles. Besides this, she receives ongoing support on permanent grievance redressal and gets an identity by being a part of a distinctive brand.

On the employers’ side, we provide them with a skilled, certified and verified workforce to address daily household needs like cooking, housekeeping, child-care and elderly care. Our specially trained workforce caters to critical needs like a child & elderly care with love and empathy. Brand Myhelp is all about availability and assurance of credible service with institutional accountability and strict quality control.

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